WIPO published 2011 PCT Statistics

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WIPO published 2011 PCT Statistics

Record-high PCT applications from Japan in 2011,

with an increase of 6,788 applications over 2010




In March 2012, WIPO published the PCT Yearly Review for 2011. Despite difficult economic conditions, PCT applications set a new record in 2011 with 181,900 applications - a 10.7% increase over 2010, the second fastest growth since the 11.5% year-on-year increase in 2005.

Notably, PCT applications from Japan recorded an amazing increase over 2010 with 6,788 applications filed in 2011.

The top PCT applicant in 2011 was ZTE Corporation, a Chinese telecom company, overtaking Panasonic, the top 1 in 2010. Three Japanese companies, i.e., Panasonic (3rd), Sharp (4th) and Toyota (7th) were ranked in the top 10.

Among the top 50 applicants, 21 were Japanese applicants, the largest number, followed by the USA (13), Germany (5), China (3), Finland (2), France (2), Korea (2), Sweden (1) and the Netherlands (1).


<Table of Contents>

1. High growth of PCT applications

--- Trend in PCT applications, top 10 applicants

2. Record high increase of PCT applications from Japan

--- Trend in PCT applications from Japan, Japanese applicants ranked in the top 50

3. Top 20 PCT applications by country of origin

---Growth rate and number of PCT applications from European countries

4. Trend in PCT applications from top 5 countries

--- Growth rate and numbers from top 5 countries


The following is a brief explanation of the 2011 PCT Statistics published by WIPO, mainly focusing on Japan. 

(Source: WIPO 2011 PCT Yearly Review)

Note: The data of PCT applications in 2011 herein indicated are provisionally estimated, since all PCT applications filed at each Receiving Office in 2011 had not yet been received by WIPO International Bureau. The final data will be published by WIPO in due course.


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