Change of Laws & Systems

2019/04/19 2019 Revisions to the Patent and Design Laws, etc.
Part I: Revisions relating to infringement lawsuits
2019/03/13 JPO Starts New Fee Reduction System
from April 1, 2019
2018/10/08 Advisory Opinion System & Guide to Licensing Negotiations Involving Standard Essential Patents (SEPs)
2018/09/28 Recent topics about IP rights in Japan (as of September 2018)
2018/07/09 Novelty Grace Period in Japan Extended to 1 Year
-Applicable to Disclosure on and after Dec. 9, 2017-
2017/05/11 Revision of Design Examination Guidelines in relation to "Shading", "Reference view" and "Lack of novelty"
2016/07/14 Revisions to Examination Guidelines for PTE Applications In Response to Supreme Court Decisions on Genentech v. JPO Cases
2016/06/23 Revisions Made to the Japan Patent Law Relating to Employee Invention System (made effective on April 1, 2016)
2016/06/23 The Revised Design Examination Guidelines regarding "graphic image on a screen" designs entered into force on April 1, 2016, in Japan
2016/05/23 Change in JPO's Examination Practice for Use-Limited Food/Drink Inventions
2016/04/28 Notification regarding Extension of Time Limit for Response to Office Action (Patent)
2016/04/28 Revisions to the Japan Patent Law as Preparations for the Patent Law Treaty (PLT)
- Summary of the 2015 revision (effective from April 1, 2016) -
2016/01/13 Notification regarding Extension of Time Limit for Response to Office Action
2015/11/20 〔Latest〕 Supreme Court Upheld IP High Court Grand Panel Decisions on Patent Term Extension
2015/10/22 Will Product-by-Process Claims be deemed to be Clear after recent Supreme Court Decisions?
2015/04/08 Japanese Design Applications can be filed
through the HAGUE SYSTEM on and after May 13, 2015
2015/04/07 Overview of New Post-Grant Opposition System in Japan
2014/11/14 Overview of JPO's Collective Examination System
2014/05/19 Revision of Japanese Trademark Law
-Definition of Trademark is Revised to Include Color, Sound, etc.-
2014/05/08 Revision of Japanese Design Law
for Acceding to the Geneva Act of the Hague Agreement
2014/05/02 Revision of Japanese Patent Law (No. 2)
Introducing Remedies Conforming to PLT
2014/05/01 Revision of Japanese Patent Law (No. 1)
Introducing Post-Grant Opposition System
2013/08/06 Revision of the Examination Guidelines Relating to Amendments Changing Special Technical Feature (STF) of Invention
2011/12/06 The 10th Edition of the Nice Classification will become effective in Japan from January 1, 2012.
2011/12/01 Effective date of Revised Patent Law, etc., announced as APRIL 1, 2012
2011/11/04 The Japanese Patent Law 2011 as Revised
Promulgated June 8, 2011
2011/09/16 Recent Changes in Inventor remuneration system under the Japanese Patent Law

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