Patent Department

SEIWA PATENT & LAW has veteran engineers, drawn from major Japanese corporations and with years of hands-on experience with the relevant technologies, and former senior members of the Japan Patent Office, in the fields of chemicals and biochemicals, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, metallurgy, textiles, and industrial designs. Our staff members handle the day-to-day drafting, filing, and prosecution of patent and design applications for corporate clients in Japan and overseas and provide expert opinions on validity, infringement, etc.

We employ four full-time American and European consultants to help ensure a consistent level of quality in communication with foreign clients and have a special section dedicated to keeping the staff up-to-date in intellectual property rights. Patent searches are handled by the firm's search and translation arm, PATRO INFORMATION (

Main Services

  • Preparation and filing of patent and design applications in Japan and overseas
  • Prosecution of invalidation and appeal cases in Japan and overseas
  • Consultation and expert opinions on validity and exercise of patent and design rights
  • Litigation regarding infringement of patent and design rights
  • Registration of new species of plants under the Seeds & Seedling Law.

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  • FAX:+81(0)3-5470-1911


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