Our office comprises professional departments relating to patent, design, trademark, and legal, as well as business departments responsible for various procedures including filing applications, documentary arrangements and formalization management. Each department works mutually as an inseparable team like the two wheels of a cart, and strives to provide fine-tuned services to clients.

The patent department is organized by specialists in a broad range of technical fields to widely cover specialized fields such as mechanical engineering, electronics, IT, chemistry, material science, life science, and pharmaceuticals, as well as any technologies on these boundary areas. Our patent team also excels at post- grant procedures such as oppositions and invalidation trials, not to mention enforcement.

The design department acts to seek design protection, including new protectable objects such as graphical user interfaces (GUI), buildings/architecture, and interiors, utilizing various channels of filing, including the Hague route. Our design team shares updated trends in design protection with clients in order to pursue the most favorable, preferable and reasonable course of action.

The trademark department has members with diverse backgrounds, and utilizes their abundant experience and advanced expertise to provide all types of trademark-related services in Japan and worldwide. Our trademark team provides total and comprehensive services, in particular, clients’ brand strategy support, as well as trademark portfolio management.

The legal department consists of legal specialists with various knowledge and experience in relation to IP laws, handling any IP matters in close collaboration with patent attorneys in other departments. Thus, our firm, with both IP-specialized attorneys-at-law and patent attorneys with expertise in every field, can provide real one-stop services in any IP-related field.

In addition, our IP Information Section collects and analyzes IP information abroad to provide useful information to Japanese clients, as well as Japanese IP information to overseas clients, in relation to not only IP-related laws and regulations, but also case law informative to clients.