In April 1966, a small patent firm was born in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Pref., near Tokyo.

The name of the firm was Aoki Naigai Patent Office (known as “A. Aoki & Associates”).

This is the origin of our firm “SEIWA PATENT & LAW”.

The founder, Dr. AOKI Akira, from his experience as an in-house researcher of a textile company, not only appreciated the value of intellectual property as a basis of corporate competitiveness, but also recognized the importance of global protection of intellectual property for technology-oriented companies.

He also had a firm belief that an intellectual property strategy should take the enforcement of rights into consideration.

Based on the belief, Dr. Aoki adopted a policy of providing comprehensive services and support for clients wishing to acquire and utilize intellectual property rights, and the policy became a basic operating principle of SEIWA.

The years that have passed since the founding of the firm have seen the development of new technologies which were unimaginable at the time the firm began, and have transformed the way in which business is conducted by many companies. However, the philosophy which gave rise to the founding of SEIWA remains unchanged.

All of the members of SEIWA are committed to putting maximum effort into prioritizing your IP assets, and we strive to be one of the most dependable IP firms in the world.


AOKI Atsushi