With respect to a variety of IP-related matters, SEIWA provides appropriate responses and support in accordance with requests from clients.
Our patent attorneys, being well versed in a broad range of technical fields, including cutting-edge fields such as ICT, AI and biotechnology, provide advice and consultation as appropriate according to each particular case, upon requests from clients.

Major Areas of Practice

  • Consultation and preliminary research on the possibility of obtaining IP rights.
  • Maintenance and management of various IP rights after grant.
  • Consultation and rendering expert opinion in relation to the interpretation of the scope of rights, feasibility study of infringement, and validity analysis of IP rights.
  • Consultation on the utilization of IP rights, including assignment, licensing, enforcement of rights, etc., and representation in various procedures.
  • Consultation and providing support regarding various IP-related contracts and agreements, such as joint R&D agreements, NDA, license agreements, as well as check of draft agreements and support of agreement negotiation.