Our office is engaged in IP business in relation to the acquisition of IP rights (patents, designs, trademarks, etc.), disputes and negotiations, and consulting, in various technical and business fields.
We also provide and dispatch information on IP systems and practices in Japan and overseas through SEIWA IP NEWS, seminars, books, etc., in order to keep clients updated on current trends in IP.

Main Services

  • Acquisition of IP Rights

    Patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law, with full knowledge and experience in various technical and legal fields, fully leverage their specialty and expertise in order to support clients in acquiring IP rights in Japan and around the world.

  • Litigation / Negotiation

    In relation to inter partes procedures and infringement litigation regarding various IP assets in Japan and overseas, attorneys-at-law specializing in legal aspects and patent attorneys specializing in technical fields work together as a team to respond appropriately to various cases according to the particular situation.

  • Consulting

    With respect to various of IP-related matters, we provide appropriate responses and support in accordance with requests from clients.

  • IP Information Dispatch

    Based on the abundant information we have acquired since our firm’s establishment and a wide range of information sources through our global networks, we collect and organize updated IP information on law, practice, case law, etc., for clients’ reference from time to time.