Based on the extensive information we have acquired since our firm’s establishment and a wide range of information sources accumulated through our global networks, we collect, organize and analyze updated IP information in relation to statutory law, case law, legal practice, etc., for domestic and overseas clients’ reference from time to time.
SEIWA also holds seminars as well as webinars as needed, accept trainees from Japan and abroad, and conducts other educational activities with regard to various IP matters.

Major Areas of Practice

  • Issuance of Seiwa IP News and Seiwa IP Review, as newsletters and booklets, providing updated information on laws and regulations, practices and case law in Japan and abroad.
  • Holding seminars for domestic and overseas clients with experts from the firm and its overseas partners.
  • Organizing training and guidance sessions for domestic and overseas clients, with lectures by members of SEIWA and/or overseas professionals from associate offices, etc., including WIPO official short-term fellowship training programs.
  • Providing lectures by SEIWA professionals, writing articles for IP-specialized journals and general magazines, and publishing books for IP specialists and for the public, etc.